Geometric Snowflakes

This simple winter art project is a great project for exploring geometric shapes and symmetry.  It only requires paper and glue, which makes it easy to prepare in a pinch. 
Recommended Supplies - Each student needs four long thin rectangles            (mine are 1/2" x 8" and I used white so it'd be like snow) - scrap papers for students to share (cool colors - blues, purples) - glue - scissors
Students will cut out their geometric shapes making sure they have enough for each "arm" of the snowflake.  When students have most of their shapes cut out, they can begin to glue their design on a background paper. Enjoy!

Self Portraits

Middle school artists are working on abstract self portraits this week.  Their work is in the style of Shepard Fairey.  Students first chose a photo of themselves that they wanted to paint, they put a filter on it, then the image was projected for them to trace the shapes.  Students chose 3-4 colors and have been carefully filling in their portraits.  

These are some of portraits from last year's class. The crazy colors can lose some of the detail, but the colors also help students express a little about themselves. 

Haunted House

Here's a video on drawing a haunted house based on these images from the blog Art Teacher in LA
Also, here's a handout to help guide students in drawing a silhouette of a house.

Annnnnd here's another helpful video about drawing a haunted house!

Sewing Calaveras

I'm so proud of my middle school students for their effort put into these felt calaveras.  We watched this short video to help students discuss the purpose and symbols of Día de los muertos. 

A couple days later we also watched this interview with Tim Burton since he is known for the skeletons in the Nightmare before Christmas. 

For many students, it was their first time sewing.  They first cut out their felt shapes, then slowly began to stitch them in place.  They have really been engaged and working carefully this week to put their calaveras together. 

Stop Motion with Student Actors

This week one middle school class has been experimenting with directing their peers using the stop motion animation process.  I've also asked them to experiment with creating a video by having the actors lay on the ground - in order to have more control of the scene. 

An iPad was put above students using a ladder.  Though it would be better if we could get it even higher.  It looked something like this...

The iPad was also projecting on the interactive TV so that the assisting students and I could see the shots.  Here's one of the products they were able to create.  

Chumash Cave Art

Second graders are learning about the Chumash people, so I scurried around the internet to find examples of their cave art.  Based on those images I made a handout to highlight some of the basic symbols.  Click the link to get this Chumash symbol handout.
I noticed mostly reds and browns in their artwork, so students used similar colors.  After students drew a symbol, they used the end of a paint brush to stamp dots of paint around their symbol (not the brush- the opposite end!). 

We used some old wrinkly brown paper so it felt more like we were drawing on rocks!

Leaves and Pumpkins

Elementary students are getting ready for fall! This first grade class drew leaves with Sharpies on old book pages. Then they used tempura cakes to paint inside the leaf and add a border design. 

This second grade class used tempura paint to create some pumpkins! Students mixed warm colors to get the various orange colors inside the pumpkin.  They painted a simple circle or oval, then they worked on painting the background by mixing blue and peach paints on the paper. They painted a curved rectangle for the stem and lastly used black paint to outline their pumpkins.
I used an app called Patternator to turn one student's pumpkin into this fun pattern!